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Welcome to is an open repository for software, publications and datasets related to the analysis of brain potentials: electroencephalogram (EEG), local field potentials (LFPs) and event related potentials (ERP), created to foster and facilitate Reproducible Research in these fields.

You can freely search the content of this and other thematic vortals linked via the inter-neuro initiative. As a registered user you can submit your article, data or model. Registration and submissions are free. You can also comment and respond to comments on any of the published items.

Service by Department of Biomedical Physics, University of Warsaw. Supported by polish funds for science 2001-2007 grants 4438/IA/115/2003 and 115/04/E-343/S/2006-3. Portal based exclusively upon Open Source tools: Plone, CMF and Zope. Implementation by CC, server running GNU/Linux.
Disclaimers: none of the organizations or individuals supporting or maintaining this site is responsible for the content provided by users and any damage which may result from its application. In particular, we do not provide any virus scanning for the binaries available as "software". We do not peer-review submitted material, just retain the right to reject irrelevant or low quality submissions. We believe in opinions of the Neuroscience Community, expressed hereby in the comments which users can attach to any of the published items. We believe that these comments provide most objective evaluation.
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